Sahara Nights official video clip

From debut solo album Ambrosia. Filmed in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

Sahara Nights composed by Jacqueline Gawler
Directors: Lucas Ratton and João Laureano
Producers: Eduardo Magalhães and Lucas Ratton
Stylist: Giselly Allure
Hair & Make-Up: Alex de Farias
Production: Nottar Filmes

Panorama Brasil with special guest Jacqueline Gawler

From the new Panorama Brasil album Flor De Pedra

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Panorama Brasil perform this classic samba by Ary Barroso, with guest vocalist Jacqueline Gawler.

É Luxo Só was recorded at Pughouse Studios with video captured by Leo Dale.

Jacqueline Gawler with Coco's Lunch

On My Skin composed by Jacqueline Gawler. From the Coco's Lunch album Blueprint.

On My Skin composed by Jacqueline Gawler 
Directed by Damian McLindon
Edited Ben Joss, The Joss House
Filmed at Guilford Lane Gallery, Melbourne
Hair & Make-Up by Jamie Richardson