JACQUELINE GAWLER is a Melbourne-based singer, percussionist, composer & educator, and Australia’s finest gringa intérprete of Brazilian song.


**Nominated for BEST FEMALE SOLO & BEST SONG COMPOSED in the 2015 Australian A Cappella Awards** (for song Palani Princess performed by Coco's Lunch)

‘Forget kangaroos, boomerangs, outback, INXS, AC / DC or Men at Work…One of the most pleasant surprises of the year comes from [Australia] and her name is Jacqueline Gawler…Her album is a delicious mix of beautiful ballads, world music, mature arrangements and powerful lyrics. Her voice ranges from delicate, almost childlike, to jazzy seductress…’
A Vida De Solteiro, BRAZIL

'Jacqueline Gawler led the first set with a sultry and soulful performance, rich in the breathlessness that can only be found in (Brazilian) love songs.’ Beattopia 2015

‘Jacqueline Gawler is an impressive talent...(She) has formidable vocal chops, displaying a command of rhythm, melody and breath control... Her vocals, redolent of brilliant jazz songstress Cassandra Wilson, brim with warmth and clarity.’ Mike Roots, ReviewYou.com

'Jacqueline Gawler showed her versatility in leading this gifted jazz ensemble...sophisticated, lyrical, intricate, intense and languid in measures’. Surrey Hills Music Festival 2014

'Original, spontaneous and magical interpretations of jazz, Brazilian bossanova and pop classics...' MX