Sahara Nights

© jacqueline gawler 

(from the album Ambrosia)

you weren’t here 
for the screening
of my Egyptian dream
but you were painted ‘cross the walls
of hot Sahara Nights

and as you slept
on desert plains 
I sent crackling signals
to the smoky heaven
of hot Sahara Nights

And counting the exhalations
as kisses on your would-be neck
in hot Sahara Nights

You had your short trip ticket 
Zone 3, stoppin’ at Lucid Picnic
when my throat caught fire
my hips went on night duty

Who am I?
to deny a fantasy
Oh my, it’s nice, in paradise

Never mind…
that you missed the dizziest
dancing, sweaty, man-romancing

A compromise
what an irresistible all night all right complication

Oh, it's an awfully 
tricky sticky situation

Oh look at what I’ve done,
In my would-be mind
I taste your desert lips and smile
Oh look at what we’ve done
‘n where you might’ve breathed
I sigh a sigh and watch his
hips go on night duty