The Baobab

The Baobab A Cappella Image small.jpg
The Baobab A Cappella Image small.jpg

The Baobab


A Cappella arrangement

Composed by Jacqueline Gawler

Recording coming soon!

SATT plus Alto lead

This gentle, lilting, nursery rhyme-esque piece has a childlike quality and sings the praises of the magnificent Baobab trees grown in Africa, Madagascar and Australia.

Five part vocal score (Soprano, Alto, Tenor 1, Tenor 2 plus Alto lead), suitable for women's voices or mixed choir. This song was composed to be performed with a kalimba (African thumb piano) tuned to A minor.

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  • This A Cappella arrangement is as performed by award-winning vocal quintet Coco's Lunch.
  • This sheet music is $40 per licence. The purchase of 1 licence entitles the purchaser to make up to 20 copies of the song for distribution within their nominated choir or vocal group. For example, a choir of 40 singers would need to purchase 2 licenses of each song, a choir of 40-60 singers would need to purchase 3 licenses etc
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