On My Skin

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On My Skin Image small text.jpg

On My Skin


A Cappella arrangement

Composed by Jacqueline Gawler


SATBar plus Alto lead

A harmonically lush and evocative song that draws it’s inspiration from the lover who stays on your skin and in your dreams long after they are gone. From the Coco's Lunch CD blueprint and featured on the 'Get Vocal 2012: Best Of Contemporary Australian A Cappella' CD. Also featured in lead sheet format for bands in the first ever Australian Jazz Real Book - available from our band lead sheet page.

Five part vocal score (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone plus Alto lead), suitable for women's voices (only if very low female voices are available) or mixed choir. Includes percussion notation (floor tom).

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    • This A Cappella arrangement is as performed by award-winning vocal quintet Coco's Lunch.
    • It is highly recommended that the MP3 audio track for this song also be purchased as a performance guide.
    • This sheet music is $40 per licence. The purchase of 1 licence entitles the purchaser to make up to 20 copies of the song for distribution within their nominated choir or vocal group. For example, a choir of 40 singers would need to purchase 2 licenses of each song, a choir of 40-60 singers would need to purchase 3 licenses etc
    • MULTIPLE USAGE LICENCE FOR INSTITUTION AND UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES: Secondary or tertiary institutions purchasing sheet music for their library (ie. for unlimited use by ensembles over time) are required to purchase 2 licences (2 x $40) per song to cover this multiple usage agreement.  Please select appropriate number of licences in the Quantity field.
    • Sheet music will be emailed as a pdf file once Paypal secure payment has been processed.
    • For any enquiries about Jacqueline Gawler sheet music please contact Jacqueline.